Medical Marketing - A first focus

by Michael Capozzi

When I talk about marketing, I always think it's a topic that is too often fed, rather than explained. And in the collective imagination there is an idea, at times apparently clear, of what it is, at times blurred or confused. What is true is that marketing is often linked to communicating and selling . A grossly correct concept. Precisely for this reason, when we talk about marketing alongside the medical world , we tend to have a negative view, as we might think: "I have to tell someone to sell them something by leveraging their health ... "ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Actually, it's better to be precise. It depends, but not on the marketing, but on that someone. If the activity that you want to communicate thanks to marketing proposes a product or a solution whose purpose is to harm the sensitivity or health of others, well then it becomes automatic that marketing can be a tool that supports this purpose.
But in the medical world, more than in any other, one always hopes for a missionary ethic that aims at solving problems, with solutions that lead to one's own well-being.

Marketing in this case, becomes a noble and fundamental value. It means communicating to potential patients looking for your therapeutic solution, that you are there, that you have what it will allow them to feel good, to find one's own well-being. Nevertheless, it is not easy to create an action plan made up of positive messages and correctly communicated, which are understood as such and not with a negative meaning by patients.

How can you grow your business in the medical sector by avoiding incorrect, inadequate communication interventions, which can not only damage your reputation, but be negatively affected by those who receive them?

The job is far more complicated than it seems, on the one hand. But on the other hand it is very simple, once you understand the mechanism. After years of experience writing copy, social media marketing and posting for the medical sector, I'm more than sure.

Keep following the blog and if you want to find out more, or choose one of the suggested marketing plans. You will find everything you need to start a correct communication made up of precise, linear and well-structured steps.