SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY - what it is and what it is used for

by Michael Capozzi

A strategy for social media, better praised also in Italy as a Social Media Strategy, consists, simplifying its meaning, in a document that defines and designs in a precise and clear way what the optimal action plan for using Social Media for communication purposes . It is a fundamental document to achieve all the business objectives that are set for us.


Social media, often associated with an instrument of pleasure, pastime or play, are a communication channel that carries within itself a power and potential never seen before. Through social media we can communicate our message to a potential of billions of people! Things never seen before in the social era and probably unimaginable.
Precisely for this reason, we need an action plan that allows you to:

  • make the best of your time
  • avoid wasting money without getting results
  • to have strong points of reference
  • meeting and exchanging information with others, a strong reason for growth

Its importance and strength, which are more intrinsic factors than you might think from looking at the more obvious side of social media, often risk not understanding it until you rely on this tool and it find in your own hands. Only at that point will you realize that without a Social Media Strategy it will be very difficult to achieve your business goals, in a world where everyone is looking for a solution through this communication channel.

Not having it means wasting time, money, energy and increasing frustration.

A short time ago with a client of mine, he happened to talk about this topic and it emerged, analyzing his positioning, that the reason for his failure on social networks was very trivially that he was wrong the type of social media on which to communicate the message and which was dividing investments in a non-targeted way, hitting a target audience not useful for the purposes of its business. These reflections, apparently trivial, were before his eyes, but taken by other thoughts and, as he also pointed out "Marketing is not my job, I hadn't noticed it", they emerged clearly and immediately as soon as we designed his social plan.

I conclude with a reflection and I invite you to follow this page and our digital channels, where I will share other articles and other reflections on the subject.

The feeling of ease of use marries the illusion of being able to do business easily, having something done to obtain a result light years away from carelessness. These 3 levels create an inconsistency that can only lead to the failure to achieve the desired result. Relying on those who know how to communicate is a good suggestion to start doing it effectively and efficiently.